New Initiaties

We are excited to be involved in a range of new initiatives, which include:

  • Piloting the production of child-relevant Cochrane reviews (with assistance from the UGI and MSK review groups in Canada)

  • Continuing production of overviews with target of one completed per year for publication in the Cochrane Library

  • Working with other Cochrane collaborators around living systematic reviews, and we planning some pilot work in this area

  • Planning to develop peer review guidelines and author guidelines for overviews

  • Expanding training on evidence and evidence based decision making to consumers and other decision makers (i.e. clinicians, policy makers)

  • Investigating the possibility of hosting individuals from low/middle income countries (LMIC) for training in systematic review production

  • Continuing to develop and evaluate KT tools for healthcare providers and consumers (i.e., parents and other caregivers) and are actively seeking dedicated funding for these activities

  • Undertaking priority setting processes with consumers, clinicians and other stakeholders to identify topics for child relevant systematic reviews

  • Expanding our parent advisory group to aid in KT and other Cochrane activities.