Cochrane Child Health priorities include:

 Supporting evidence-informed decisions by:

          • Developing and evaluating KT tools and dissemination strategies
          • Developing formal and informal partnerships with relevant stakeholders
          •  Identifying and disseminating child-relevant Cochrane reviews

Promoting child health activities within Cochrane by:

          •  Advocating for systematic reviews that reflect the needs of children and youth
          •  Facilitating clinically relevant and methodologically rigorous Cochrane reviews on child topics

Advancing methods for knowledge creation and synthesis by:

          • Conducting research to investigate and develop appropriate and novel methods for knowledge synthesis and meta-analysis in child health
          • Developing guidance to enhance methods for design, conduct, and reporting of clinical trials

Training researchers, clinicians and other stakeholders in:

          • Critical appraisal and the use of systematic reviews
          • Production of systematic reviews and other knowledge syntheses, e.g., overviews