Evidence-Based Child Health: A Cochrane Review Journal

EBCH cover

Evidence-Based Child Health: A Cochrane Review Journal (EBCH) is produced six times a year by the Cochrane Child Health Field. EBCH, in publication since 2006, is indexed in Medline and Scopus.

Each issue of the journal contains:

·               Full text of three to six important, child-relevant Cochrane reviews, and a commentary on each review

·              An overview of reviews, summarizing two or more Cochrane reviews on interventions for a particular condition

Our overviews of reviews are very popular and frequently downloaded.  Topics have included:

·               Acute otitis media

·               Anxiety disorder treatment for children and adolescents

·               Autism spectrum disorder

·               Bicycle helmet use

·               Bronchiolitis

·               Chronic cough

·               Community-aquired pneumonia

·               Croup

·               Eczema

·               Leukotriene receptor antagonists for children with asthma

·               Long-acting beta agonists for children with asthma

·               Major depression in children and youth

·               Nephrotic syndrome

·               Nocturnal enuresis

·               Non-pharmacological interventions for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

·               Prevention of allergy and food hypersensitivity

·               Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV

·               Procedural pain

·               Recurrent abdominal pain

·               Sickle cell disease

·               Sore throat

·               Trachoma