Join the Cochrane Consumers Network

The Consumer Network is a large and growing community of over 1,400 people in 79 countries. It is made up of health-care consumers (see below) who are united by their interest in evidence based medicine. Where consumers contribute to Cochrane evidence, it is their experiences and insights that make their involvement in Cochrane reviews so valuable.

Members of the network enjoy a wide range of benefits from free membership including:

  • Opportunities to help produce Cochrane evidence in a range of ways
  • Cheaper rates for attendance at a range of Cochrane events
  • Stipends to attend local Cochrane meetings (Symposia) and its annual meetings (Colloquia)
  • The ability to stand, and vote, in elections for membership of the  Cochrane Consumer Network Executive
  • Monthly news bulletins and quarterly newsletters that keep you up to date about issues inside and outside Cochrane
  • Training and learning opportunities

Find out more about the Cochrane Consumer Network here