Benefits of Membership with Child Health

The Field currently has over 300 registered members and is continuing to grow. There are no membership fees and anyone with an interest in being involved in Cochrane Child Health’s mission can join. 

Members of Cochrane Child Health:

  • Are linked to other members around the world; and
  • Are offered opportunities to participate in our efforts and activities with other groups

There are many ways to become involved in Cochrane Child Health

  • Identify priority review topics/questions related to child health
  • Mentor and assist new Cochrane review authors
  • Work on a child-relevant review
  • Peer review a Cochrane protocol or review
  • Hand-search journals and unpublished literature
  • Raise awareness of Cochrane Child Health
  • Write summaries of, or commentaries on, Cochrane Child Health Reviews
  • Assist in translating materials into languages other than English
  • Help to sustain funding for our activities.
  • Participate as a consumer/patient representative