The following highlight some of our ongoing activities: 

1.       Capacity Building/Support:

    •  CCH Directors and Advisory Board members deliver a range of lectures, presentations, and workshops at local, national, and international events.CCH Directors are also actively involved with graduate and clinical trainees within their respective local institutions.
    •  CCH has an international membership which currently has over 300 members.

2.       Knowledge Translation (KT) Strategies:

    • Our Website: The CCH website has quick links to all Cochrane child health relevant evidence including systematic reviews, overviews, webinars and podcasts, and columns in international pediatric journals (Paediatrics and Child Health, Canada, Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, Australasia, Acta Pediatrica Portuguesa, Portugal).

    • Socialmedia: We maintain a Twitter account (@Cochrane_Child) and blog ( that profile evidence and methods relevant to child health, knowledge synthesis, and evidence-based medicine.

    • Innovative KT tools: We are involved in developing and evaluating tools for healthcare providers (e.g., knowledge pyramids, bottom line recommendations) and parents/consumers (e.g., e-books, infographics, whiteboard animation videos) that synthesize best evidence in child health.

3.       Methods Research:

    • We are involved in the development of methods for overviews (supported in part through a grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)), including active involvement and Dr. Hartling’s leadership role in Cochrane’s Comparing Multiple Interventions Methods Group. We have led the revision of the chapter on overviews for the Cochrane Handbook of Systematic Reviews of Interventions. We regularly lead workshops on overview methods at the annual Cochrane Colloquia.

    • We are continually engaged in conducting research examining different methods of displaying and analyzing data from child-relevant reviews, e.g., harvest plots in overviews, infographics, ratio of means.

    • We conducted (and recently published) research investigating why authors of child-relevant systematic reviews publish in Cochrane vs. other journals. We have an ongoing project identifying and describing child-relevant reviews in non-Cochrane sources. This will complement our work identifying and describing Cochrane child-relevant reviews.

    • We have been supported through a CIHR Knowledge to Action grant to develop and evaluate KT tools (e-books and whiteboard animation) for two pediatric topics (croup, gastroenteritis). We are currently working in partnership with a Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE, funded through the Government of Canada; to develop KT tools for another five common acute pediatric topics (fever, acute otitis media, concussion, procedural pain, fractures).